Sunday, April 3, 2011

swim meet results

We had a fun crew of 14 swimmers from the TAC-OSB Masters swim team at the NC Short Course Masters championships this weekend.  The meet was hosted by Raleigh Area Masters at the Hillsborough Sportsplex, which also hosts a triathlon in a few months. 

Many of us swam in high school or college, but we had a couple guys that only learned to swim as adults and they also turned in some great times - sub 30 50 free which requires technique + speed.  Great to see.

I will let Bri report her times, but it was cool to watch her swim a 28.5 in the 50 free and a 1:02 100.  Those are great times for a triathlete. :P

My swims in order of awesomeness:
50 fly 26.48 (best in 1989 - 25.4)
100 free 53.54 (best in 1989 - 49.6)
50 free - 24.91 - lead off relay (best in 1991 - 23.4)
100 fly - 59.08 - out too slow (best in 1989 - 54.0)
50 back - 30.06 - I might have gone under 30 as a kid, focused on fly from age 13+
200 free - 1:58.17 - out too slow, needs pacing work
500 free - 5:23.4 - last event, just after 200 free relay, beat and tired

We had a blast and while most of us are not as fast as we used to be, we suffer a lot less in training and have an inverse amount of fun.

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