Wednesday, March 30, 2011

updates and upcoming events

I am not updating much right now just from time constraints and lack of anything interesting to report.  Marathon recovery is going well but my right IT band is giving me some issues, so I am taking it easy on the run until that is gone.  Cycling and swimming no problem. 

We are competing in the NC State Short Course Masters champs this weekend in Hillsborough.  I believe it's my 3rd Masters meet.  I am on pace for one per decade at the moment, the last one being in 2000.  Open water is more my bag as you might have figured.

Upcoming events:
April 16 - Powerstroke Freestyle Technique in Cary
April 30 - Open Water Clinic at Jordan Lake
May 22 - 5280 Swim at Beaverdam (Falls Lake)

My next triathlon is Tri Orthopeadic Centennial Campus Sprint on April 23.  The bike will be in better shape than Azalea, I am shooting for 200+ per week for the next few weeks.

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