Sunday, March 13, 2011

Azalea sprint triathlon 2011

A few weeks ago I decided to do the first race in the IOS NCTS series to see where I am at the moment and just 'be there' for the first event.   It can be cold in mid-March in NC and this year was no exception - temperature when we started at 8AM was around 40 degrees. 

The swim went well, I went hard but not all out.  Probably 3:20 in the pool, decent, felt fine.

Coming out of the gym I stopped to put on a wind jacket and hoodie.  Not interested in getting pneumonia.  Ran to the bike then put socks on.  Slow T1.

Bike = no bike legs yet.  I have been avoiding hard intervals until after the marathon next weekend.  Then it will be hammer time.  For now it is more like cloth-covered inflatable mallet time.  Slow bike.  Painful bike.  No lactate buffering capacity.  Nerd.

T2, stop to take jacket off.  Slow in general.

Run. Legs a little twitchy but felt OK.  Back tightened up.  The mile markers were either off or the run was .15 long.  20:45.  Even splits. Not great but not terrible.

37th overall, 52:14.  8+ minutes behind the winners.  3rd place female.

Lots of room for improvement this season!  It will be good to race the same crew in 6 months and see how it goes.

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Steve said...

Good luck with your marathon.