Thursday, April 14, 2011

Update slacker

Life has been moving at warp speed recently.  Track and field coaching is keeping me on my toes, the Masters swim team is growing, and I am doing my best to fit some of my own training into the whole thing while also having fun with Bri and Tassie.

Tonight I watched a number of the high school athletes perform lifetime bests and a couple broke school records, which was a lot of fun.  They have been working hard and the work is starting to pay off. There is a lot less complaining about training in workouts.

Amazingly, the kids who attend the most practices are also improving the most.  Who would have thought it?

In upcoming news, we are hosting our next Powerstroke clinic this Saturday.  We're also planning to run the Umstead 4 miler with Tassie prior to that but the weather is questionable.

Training for White Lake Half is going well, I have been getting good bike mileage in although it is not all super organized.  I leave that to my athletes.

That is all.

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runningyankee said...

long live and prosper.