Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekly update

I spent most of yesterday at the Carolina 10 track and field conference championship meet in Pittsboro.  Today I am happy to have nothing to do except sit at my computer and do computer-coaching-work.  It was sort of an exhausting day.  The spring season has been demanding but we are winding that down.  A lot of my runners had great races and set PRs which is always good to be part of.  Next up is the 1A Regional Champ meet on May 14.

This Saturday I'm racing the White Lake Half.  Temperatures & conditions are going to be pleasant which is great, one less thing to worry about.

You can livetrack my race here if you are interested.  Bib number 8.

I am shooting for 4:30 +/- 5 minutes depending on how the day goes. Something like 26 swim, 2:25 bike, 1:35 run.  The best day possible would be 25 swim, 2:20 bike, 1:30 run.

Bri and I will host a sprint strategy clinic Saturday at 5pm at the FAA Center @ White Lake if you are in the area.

That is all.  Have a nice weekend.


Angela said...

We'll be there screaming...all of us Gautreau's so be prepared for a lot of noise!

Cody's Tri Blog said...

Good luck at WL 1/2 Marty - kick some butt!