Monday, September 26, 2011

Wrightsville Beach sprint report, long workout breakdown

Combining a few days into this post.

The Wilmington YMCA Sprint Triathlon at Wrightsville Beach sprint went well.  I felt solid in everything and finished 6th overall, 1st in the Masters category.  I like the race since it has a long saltwater swim followed by a short bike and fast (slightly short of a 5k) run, and is as flat as it gets around North Carolina.  Here are pictures.

I like to nap between sports. (4th swim split - 16:23)

My shoes are falling apart. (7th bike split - 29:47)

Where's the food? (33rd run split -19:16)

Last week was uneventful.

This past Saturday I wound up doing a funny super-dork-style triathlon workout.   Met my XC kids for a run at 7AM (6 miles).  Road with one of my athletes for 24 miles.  Stopped at the lake to swim for 1.2 miles.  Famished after the swim and having eaten 4 gels already, rode to a nearby store and replenished.

Finished the ride (another 24 total) and then ran 3 miles off the bike.  I have a cast iron stomach and this meal did not phase me.  Note that I didn't eat all the Doritos.

Throughout the weekend I painted the baby room.

I was covered in paint by the end of the day, hence the shirtless look here.  

No more racing until Beach 2 Battleship Half on October 29, just some long training days!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to attend a Dave Ramsey Entreleadership workshop here in Raleigh.  A friend's company is sponsoring the event and it looks interesting.  I will summarize the session on this blog if I am inspired and have a few minutes to spare.

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