Tuesday, November 15, 2011

not much new

I am now 40 years old so you have to listen to my sage advice.

We had a good time at the Foo Fighters concert.  I would post pictures but am lazy.

Swam a masters swim meet last weekend.  Fun but tiring.
100 IM - 1.03.8
500 free - 5.24
50 free relay split - 25.1 
100 free - 55.8

100 fly - 1.01.8

Getting back into a bit of running and cycling but keeping everything pretty easy for a while.

2012 race plans:
February - training camp
March - Tobacco road half-marathon
April - maybe the Triangle Ortho Centennial campus sprint
May - local race maybe
June - training camp
July - maybe Battle at Buckhorn sprint
August - local race maybe
September - Wilmington Y to cheer on Bri
October - nada

That's it for now, hope to jump in a few other events as possible! 

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