Monday, March 19, 2012

Everybody must get sick!

We dropped our boy off at Daycare for the first time last Monday.  By Thursday night, Mom and Dad were puking and pooping like their was no tomorrow, while our little angel gurgled and cooed.  By Saturday, he, too, processed a different or same bug, and was stuffy and all out of sorts.   He is doing fine, it is just a cold, but for first time parents it is a stressful time.  Anyway, things We missed over the weekend:
  • Hosting a cookout at our house on Friday (at a cookout you cook burgers + chicken + other stuff, whereas at a North Carolina BBQ you would slaughter a pig, drink the blood, and then roast the carcass on a spit)
  • Coaching swim practice on Friday morning
  • A swim on Saturday morning
  • Any sort of St Patrick's Day celebration, which as a guy married to a 25% Irish chick, and a 100% Amer-Ican, we celebrate like it's Our holiday
  • The Tobacco Road Half-Marathon
We are feeling back to normal but tired and weak.  This does not mean you can take advantage of Us, for We are still mentally strong. 

Now back to your usual programming.

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Angela said...

Glad everyone is feeling better. If you need some cleaning supplies to sanitize, just let me know.