Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Keeping busy

We have been keeping busy around here.  In recent news:
  • Baby boy is feeling good after a nasty cold called RSV
  • I have finished our friggin taxes
  • Running is going well, swimming is OK, and cycling is down to 1x a week right now.  I won't be setting fire to the bike courses this season!  That is all right though, I enjoy running, it is easy to do, and swimming after I coach a practice works out fine from a time-effectiveness standpoint.  Getting on the bike and out the door is more of a production.
  •  Work is keeping me busy, athletes are doing well
  • I will be racing the Cary short course duathlon on Saturday morning, it is right down the street from my house.  The start time is 9AM which is awesome.
  • Bri got to go see the Hunger Games, which she was super jazzed about.
  • My dad visited over the weekend and got to spend some time with his Grandson.

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