Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cary duathlon 2012

We had a big contingent of OSB athletes at the Cary duathlon this Saturday.  Bri graciously allowed me to jump in this one as it is 15 minutes from our house.  The race went better than I expected - I felt pretty good on everything and raced about as well as possible.  I have not been cycling much (<50/week the past few) so the 17 mile ride was on the far side for me.

Anyway, first 2.5 mile run into about 9th place at 6:37 pace.
Bike course moved up 1 spot to 8th place at about 21.7mph (hilly course with some headwinds)
On the final run I was amazed to pass 4 runners to move up to 4th place at 6:45 pace.

A lot of the really fast/fit athletes raced the long course distance (5 mile - 31 mile - 5 mile) but that would have destroyed me.

OSB athletes had great races, with lots of impressive performances as well as new hardware for the trophy walls.

We had a good time hanging out after.  Here are some pictures.

Kari M works the first run on long course (she took 2nd overall)

The Royal We heads out for the first run (short course)

Michele and Jaime having too much fun (LC)
Working hard on run 2
Look at me finish, grr I am a lion roarrr
Hanging with Erin, she just finished (2nd OA) and is smiles all the way
Baby patrol with random babies
Long course ladies with their hardware

 Post-race lunch at Cafe Caturra, beautiful day w great people, que bella!

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