Tuesday, April 17, 2012

random thoughts 4.17.12

Why you might as well give up on 'investing' and focus on 'saving lots.'

Unless you diversified into 'barbaric relics.'

Hopefully not black gold, though.

Although now might be the time to sell one and buy the other.

I hurt my foot over the weekend, but other than the aggravation of not being able to run for a couple weeks or whatever it might be, am not worried about races since this year is the Year of the Bri.  I am hopeful it is a soft tissue issue.  Poetry in injury. 

Today Bri and I got out for our first ride together in over a year, it was nice, birds were singing, the clouds parted before us, etcetera.

Please sign up for the Old School Aquathon if you intend to race the first event on May 2nd.  It is approaching quickly!

Boy is doing good:

Junior and I playing "sit without slouching"

Mom and laddie at Masters swim team party

Boy coaching Saturday Masters - he prefers sprints

Three Generations of Fine Young Men

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