Monday, April 23, 2012

Training updates

Training has been going well, with the exception of injuring my foot 9 days ago.  I was experiencing some slight discomfort after racing the local duathlon in my lightweight training shoes (not even flats, just lightweight trainers) but nothing any runner hasn't dealt with.  I did a couple runs during the week with nothing noteworthy.

Then I raced in a 5k and it went from mild discomfort to extreme pain in the course of 1.2 miles.   I had to stop and limp back to my car, couldn't jog or walk normally.  That is the first race I've bagged out of since 1993 when I stopped at mile 12 in a 15 mile swim (I was overheating, had fallen out of contention for a national team spot, and sort of bored with it at that point).  The foot was feeling better through the week, but then I mowed our front lawn, which is on a steep slope, and that aggravated it.  So while biking and swimming are not an issue (staying away from hard hills and hard riding), running is out for the time being. I have seen too many athletes try to get back to running quickly and then stay hurt indefinitely.

Long story short - the first Aquathon is out (I was going to race it), as well as White Lake Sprint.  Hopefully I can be back to running by mid May, which would give the foot a solid 5-6 weeks.

I have been maintaining my svelt figure with mostly good food choices and portion control.  When you go from 12-14 hour type training (mid to late season last year) to 6-8 hours of training, the calories have to adjust downwards or the weight and svelt-lessness will adjust upwards. 

In other news, Bri is feeling better about running and is racing in the Riverwood Triathlon this Saturday.  Logan and I will be in cheering mode.  On Sunday we're joining a bunch of swimmers for USMS short course nationals in Greensboro, which is about 1.5 hours away.  I'm swimming the 50 fly and 100 free.

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