Monday, July 30, 2012

Big blobby bleagh.

We went on vacation to the OBX last week.  It was a good time but next time we'll be bringing a Gramma to help watch the boyo.  An eight month old can't really do much at the beach except the same thing they've been doing at home.  We did have some fun though!

In other news, I have tipped the scales at my maximum acceptable weight so am back on a strict intake of diet soda, dry spinach, and hamburgers sans cheese.  Everyone has their limits.

With this in mind, it shouldn't surprise you I'm very ambivalent about even starting the Lake Logan international distance triathlon this weekend.  That is a far way to swim, bike and run, and I am chunky and unfit.  I have been kvetching about it but will probably tighten up my skirt and give it a whirl.  Don't be surprised by abysmal results, faithful reader.  Knowing how to do something well and doing it well are very different paths of righteous warrior-ness, Daniel-san.

The high school cross country season is here in full effect so I plan to write even shorter and more sporadic posts through November.

Vacation pictures:



Steve said...

Good Luck if you do the race fatty. :)

Donna said...

This gramma would enjoy a beach vacation with the boyo! And he won't be able to do a lot at the beach by himself for years to come, so I'll be happy to keep coming along!