Monday, August 13, 2012

August 2012 updates!

It has been a whirlwind of activity round these parts.  Little man has progressed from turning in circles to sprint-crawling in the space of ten days.  His puff to mouth ratio has improved from 1 for 20 to 19 for 20 in about a month.  His capacity for laughter has increased as he discovers the world beyond his own toes.  It is a joyous time in the Gaal household.  There are many giggles, a few sighs, and the occasional sleepless night.  I wouldn't trade them for all the gold in the world.  He just had his eight month birthday so we took him to DisneyWorldinOurHouse.

Onto the racing front!  Bri took one for the team and drove by herself to the Lake Logan sprint triathlon, while Junior Awesome and I held down the homestead.  She did well, taking second overall and bringing home a few pieces of bacon.  Her run was lickity split.

I also managed to represent team OSB well, taking 3rd overall at the Mayo Lake triathlon this past weekend.  This race takes place in Roxboro at Mayo Lake park and the run is on a seriously technical singletrack cross-country course.  The ground was wet and muddy and I played it very safe, averaging a 7:51/mile pace.  Good enough to hang onto the overall podium spot.  My swim and bike were much better than they have any right to be given the really low volume of training, but I suppose the years in the bank are paying dividends.

We held another open water swim clinic this past weekend and everyone seemed to enjoy the content and practice.

Upcoming this Saturday Aug 18 is the 4th annual Nuclear Swim at Harris Lake.

The high school cross country season is now in full effect.  We have a great team this year with a new crop of freshman ready to tear up the course.

My next and final race will be the Wilmington YMCA sprint triathlon on Sep 22, and then I'll pseudo prepare for a half-marathon sometime during the winter.

Have a great day.

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Mom said...

Love the commentary on the doings of the Gaal household. Sounds like you're all keeping busy and having fun. Get some rest too!