Monday, March 18, 2013

Running a half-marathon with Junior

Over the weekend I took Junior to Umstead State Park to do a long run.  The original plan was to head out to watch the Tobacco road marathon / half-marathon, but we decided to let our toddler sleep in instead. I had given thought to running the half-marathon but decided against it since I wouldn't be setting any records and we can use the $ for diapers and day care these days.

We headed into the park and after a couple miles I felt decent.  Pushing the stroller is something you get used to.  It's not particularly hard but you have to let go of any illusion of running quickly. Boyo seems to enjoy it as he either just checks out the scenery or naps.  He has been running with us since three months old.

The park has about 20 miles of bridle trail & 10 miles of singletrack within and several options to make different courses.  I was planning to do an out and back on the flatter section of bridle trail, but then was struck with inspiration and decided to do the Turkey Creek loop.  This is a very hilly bridle trail section of the park and from where I started would turn the run into close to 14 miles.  Along the way I ran into one of my high school cross-country runners and he kept us company through the hills.  I have been working with this runner for 3+ years and it is great to guys and gals like him growing into outstanding young men and women.  I say it every year at the awards banquet, that the young people on our team gives me hope for the future. 

Anyway, the run went well and Junior and I finished in just a tad over two hours on a course with about 2,500 foot elevation gain, and a 25lb baby and a 20lb stroller.  I let him walk the last 1/2 mile to the car as a cool down.

No records were set but We'll count it as a win for the season.

We continued our quality time with lunch at Ruckus Pizza, a shopping trip to Target, and then a terrific post-long-run nap. :)


Steve said...

I am looking forward to running on trails again. I ran from my truck to put the shopping cart in the corral today, and there was no pain. None at work either, so Hope to get back at it soon.

Unknown said...

Watch for rabid foxes! Did you her about the runner who was attacked near the Harrison entrance?