Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ironman 70.3 Raleigh Scintillating Racey Report

Grab them with the title!  Action packed words go here!

My hands are already tired just thinking about typing a race report.  So, I give you stats and pictures.

 Before we start - happiest part of the day

You can see my training for the year here.

Swim: 28:31. Left wetsuit at home, happy to go without, it was on the bubble and I do have to be careful in the heat.  I swam very wide to avoid having to swim over 500 other peoples. Maybe a slightly long swim or I just made it that way.

T1: Socks on my little piggy feet.

Bike: Rolling, felt good, rode within myself and ticked up the effort slightly at mile 25. 2:31 and change.  We had a nice tailwind coming into town which helped ease the longer hills.  Drinking EFS + Carbo Pro and water.

You are a dork if you think any of this is funny. 

T2: changed into running socks, applied sunblock, took a micro-nap.

Run: started out in the 7s for the first three miles and then drifted into the 8s and a couple 9s as I grew more hot (every day baby yeah baby yeah) / the day got hotter. 

 Before I got too hot and tired to smile

The hills around the NC Musuem of Art section were tough but I baby-stepped my way around and only walked a couple seconds at an aid station.  Picked it up slightly on the homestretch but had to be careful with heat management.  Saw my laddie Junior Awesome at mile 11 near the NC State Belltower.  That was the highlight of my day.  I had missed him at the 2 mile point as it was a madhouse of people and volunteers and adoring fans requesting autographs.
 Doing the drink lots and shuffle quickly routine

 My boy and I

We're having a moment.

 Didn't come home very fast after that, but didn't fall to pieces. Hammed it up in the finishing chute.  6 mile split was - 46:46, while total time 1:48.59.

Total time 4:54.12. 13th in my age group.  Not bad! I am happy I did it.  Will stick with a maybe for next year.  The race was well done/organized, the separate transitions are not bad, just be prepared for a few hours preparing the day before. 

Post race festivities

Next up, 3 Little Pigs sprint triathlon in Smithfield on June 15!

Our athletes did great, you can see results on our Facebook page.

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