Monday, July 1, 2013

Work in progress

A lot of my days speed by like a boulder rolling down a long and steep hill. We wake up at 5 or 6 and before We know it, is is 8PM and We only got 50% of what We had planned done.  We find it amazing and frustrating.  Amazing because many of our days our spent with people we enjoy hanging around with; frustrating because there is always just a little too much to do. 

Anyway, I could blog about personal organization habits or choosing your tasks successfully or Nine Traits that Every Leader should have; but this is not a self help or self-improvement blog.  This is an eat-my-screaming-and-ranting-thoughts-blog.  Or worship-my-awesome-junior-awesome-blog.  And a Goddess-Bri-blog. With some coaching ideas thrown in.

The past month has been busy.  We did lots.  Top of the list would be Boone Blue Ridge Mountain camp.  This was our fourth year hosting.  We put it on for our athletes, many of whom are now also good friends of ours, at essentially break-even since they already pay us for coaching.  This also frees us from the "put on a show and dance for me clown" I have previously experienced at camps where we charged a premium, and I am no dancing clown, thank you very much.  Bri has a great write up about Boone camp here.

We raced the 3 little pigs triathlon in Smithfield.  Bri won.  I flatted but changed it and had a good race notwithstanding.

Junior Awesome turned 18 months old.  He is growing stronger, faster, smarter, better, taller, quicker, more awesomer, every day.

We hosted two open water swim clinics in the past 4 weeks, one on our own in this area and one for the Fayetteville Tri-Warriors down south.  Happy to get to know some of the fine folks that serve and protect our nation.

Bri and I snuck away for a date day today and saw "This is the End."  Very funny, light-hearted entertainment.

I have not been doing great with my promise to get enough sleep recently and am about to declare a moratorium on swim lessons, getting burned out.

The Old School aquathon is this Thursday, July 4 (we co-host) and after that we'll be doing all sorts of July fourthie things with Junior, who totally comprehends the no taxation without representation argument.

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