Friday, July 19, 2013

14 reasons to think in lists

1.  lists grab your attention and imply that we can fix the issues with just several simple steps

2. #lists are trending on twitter

3. any imbecile can put some numbers before some random sentences, you see what i mean?

4. it gives the writer both a goal and an end point which is awesome, because writing is hard work

5. there were ten commandments and seven deadly sins, so there is precedent

6. lists are easy to write

7. they really are.  see?

8. we are doing the mission man sprint triathlon tomorrow morning.  it will be fun.  we're both exhausted from a long week but looking forward to it.  neither of us have done it before.

9. lists make you think in an orderly process.  re: step 1 is getting out of bed, step 2 is putting on shoes so my feet don't cramp going down the stairs and i don't break my neck crashing into the wall, step 3 is making the coffee, step 4 is chugging the coffee and then pouring another cup.

10. if you have just 4 reasons you're not successful or 7 steps to success, it's an easier pill to swallow then telling you you've got 1900 variables that really make you one big clusterfudge of screwed up ed ness.

11. so sick of this list

12. make it stop

13. oh yeah lucky 13 thank you baby

14.  right. the end.  14 reasons list rock. #lists

1 comment:

Steve said...

good luck to you both the next two weekends I think. A lot of races and stuff.

For the record the 7 deadly sins is just a made up thing probably by some Catholic dude. It isn't real.

There was a good movie though with Brad Pitt in. "7" I think was the name.