Monday, October 21, 2013

almost there

Just a few days until the Beach 2 Battleship half-Iron! I'm bib number 1643, or something like that.  I have enjoyed getting into good shape for it but the last couple weeks have been tough.  This past weekend :

My high school team hosted a cross-country championship on Friday afternoon.  Pretty much took most of the day.  The teams did great with our girls taking 2nd and boys taking 3rd.  I was able to get a good long-ish run in on the AM side of the day.

On Saturday morning Bri ran a local 5k at the same park.  Junior Awesome and I cheered her on.  Then we held our last Powerstroke swim clinic for the year.  Pretty much took the rest of the day.  I think we went out to dinner after but it is a blur.

"Momma! Momma!  Mommmm-aaaaa!"

Bri was sure to beat him to the line.

On Sunday we chased Junior, shopped, played with Junior, then met some of our buddies at the Flying Saucer for a quick social.

In between all these I wrote several training plans and managed to read a chapter or two of a book I'm working on.

No exercise for me took place over the weekend but that is OK.  I was really tired on Sunday and am still feeling pretty worn out today (Monday).  It's time to rest up a bit and have a good race on Saturday. 

You should be able to view my training year to date on Training Peaks.  (It might only display the last week) Lest you think I can't geek out, as far as training hours go:
Sep 2 : 11.75 hr
Sep 9: 16 hr
Sep 16: 13.8 hr
Sep 23: 15.33 hr
Sep 30: 16.5 hr (bike to the beach weekend)
Oct 7: 11 hr
Oct 14: 11 hr
Oct 21 race week: 4-5hr not including the race

 I don't expect to PR by any means this weekend but feel good about my fitness for my age, life situation, etc!

I was 13th overall in 2011 with a 4:37:52.  The conditions were cold, wet and really windy that year.

Goal ranges are:
swim 20-22 minute depending on the strength of the tide
T1 5 minutes - it is going to be cold and I bundle up
bike 2:28 +/- 5 minutes.  Forecast is for a NNW 10mph wind which is a headwind for ~35 miles
T2 2-3 minutes, not sure how long / far it is
Run 1:40 +/- 3 minutes.  My endurance is better than it was in June for the Raleigh 70.3, but there has not been a bunch of speedwork.

Total time: 4:35 +- a few minutes.

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