Monday, October 28, 2013

B2B half race report

We had a fun crew stay with us in a beach house rental over the weekend.  Only two of us were racing and the rest of the gang were there to be 'spectathletes'.  They did a great job!

My Mom stayed home with Junior Awesome so Bri and I were able to run around a bit more than we can with

To the point: race day.  I arrived feeling good but not terribly well rested.  The last few weeks Junior has been waking up in the 5-6 range and I stay up late.  Usually can catch a nap but the week of was just hectic, and no naps.  Priorities definitely change!

The morning of: woke up around 545 and sucked down a bunch of coffee and my usual eggs, chips, toast breakfast.  I like my breakfast!  

It was a friggin' cold morning!

The swim: Stayed bundled up as long as possible then got in to warm up a bit just before our wave.  Started in wave 2 with a mild current assist, nothing like it's been in years past.  Felt good and came out around 26:30. 

 Me run. Cold feet. Ouchie.

OSB spectathletes

T1: slow as molasses.  I put on skullcap, gloves, winter jacket, tights, and wool socks, not in that order.

Bike: felt ok but not great, just couldn't seem to crank it as well as I have in some workouts recently.  Didn't feel completly anemic though.  The first 37 - yes 37 - miles were all into a headwind or head-crosswind.  GahH!  Made up some time on the return to downtown.  2:37 time.

T2: faster than T1 but still slow.

Run: felt good!  Kept feeling good!  Pushed hard on 2nd half!  Actually passed people!  Ran a 22:00 final 5k!  Wowie!  1:35.13.

 Comin' in for a smoochie with my hunny

Overall time was 4:47.53 and apparently good for 5th place masters.  The current results are incorrect showing that I ran a 3:24 half marathon. 

Our crew also won the award for loudest/most obnoxious fan base. :)

 They only look harmless.

I would post more pictures and/or but am burned out on this blog post already.  me me me me me blah blah blah.  the end.

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Steve said...

Congrats, glad you had fun. Chips for breakfast?? as in potato chips?? OMG, I think my wife would love you. :)

She is a total chip-a-holic.