Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lake Logan Half race report

as promised before
this report is written in
poem haiku form

lake logan was cold
brrr, so chilly. not really
'twas seventy-two.

i swam very fast
swoosh, speedily through water
with my cool wetsuit.

then ran to the bike.
got on the bike. and started
pedaling the bike.

up the hills. slowly.
down the hills. more quickly like
a bird with the wind.

a dude passed me at
mile twenty-two. then two more.
those f-ing bastards.

there were many hills.
so many god damn hills. bah.
agh, where is the end?

i finished the bike.
and was happy. clouds and sun
the trees are all green.

time to run. up hill.
stay smooth like creamy butter.
peanut butter rocks.

three miles up. three miles
down. then do it again. roll.
keep your head down. grunt.

to the finish thus
we sprint across to look cool.
we cross the line fifth.

four hours and forty five
minutes of moderate hard
zone three to four pace.

geek out on numbers.
time is meaningless. Logan
joyful and happy.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I happened upon your race report while googling intel for this year's race. It may be one of the best race reports I've ever read. Usually I can't relate to race reports by Speedy McFastertons like yourself, but you seem to be the exception. Happy racing!