Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year, Again!

Don't you feel like you just said that?  And then whammo, it's another one gone.  It is flying by.  Grab hold and have some fun along the way.  Smell some flowers and blow some dandelion seeds across your HOA.  The destination unknown in year 20xx or 21xx or 38xx whatever depending on how the cybernetics and gene therapy work, is coming for all.  Bwah hah hah hah!

Trying to keep up with this web journal is harder than it used to be.  As my son Junior Awesome fondly says, "It takes a little time."  However he says that in reference to the 'gate' he puts up with his arm while his Mommy and I wait to see his poo-poo.  Yes, that's right.  We have to pay twenty seventy dollars sometimes for the privilege.  You would, too.

On that note I'll share some Junior Aweome-isms at four years old before I forget them all.

"Tickets, please." To get past the gate to see the aforementioned poo-poo.

"I peed my pants, but just a little bit."

"Hey Daddy, talk about Star Wars," pronounced Star Werz.

"MOMMY POLAR BEAR!" then Mommy comes crashing into the room roaring like a polar bear.  You'd have to be there.

"Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't," in reference to putting his pants / underwear / shoes / socks on.

"I lub you guys." (V is pronounced with a soft B in our house)

"When I'm big, I'll be soo big, like this many tall!"

"Don't eat the piggies!" In reference to Mommy Polar Bear's desire to eat those yummy four year old piggies (toes).

"Grrr, smash! Awrrshhhkaboom!" Playing with cars. Duh.

"Abwa cababwa!" It's magic, you know.

"Yeah, let's do that!" Something fun.

"And after we go to to Trader Joe's, we'll go to the TOY STORY!" (Target toy section)

"Daddy another hug!" After the goodnight routine and how can you say no?

"You be the bad guy, and I'll be the good guy! Ah! Smash! Kshhp! Bam!" (tiny fists and legs pumping)

"Kin' I have a chocolate bar, please, pretty please, pretty pretty please?" After sleeping till 700am when he knows that let's us recuperate enough for another day with his most awesome presence.

There are more but those come to mind.

Tri Talk
Triathlon training is going well.  I have recovered from a calf strain that took a few weeks of very low intensity running/riding to get back from.

My 2015 training totals were not bad: 3000 miles riding, 1019 miles running, and something like 217 miles of swimming.

Looking forward to doing some challenging events this year with the Umstead Marathon, American Triple T, and Ironman Chattanooga on the horizon.

I'd blab more about this but action is more valuable than talk in this area, so see you on the road.

Our One Step Beyond clinic schedule for 2016 is updated if you're interested.

Peace out.

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