Saturday, February 4, 2017

January 2017 update

So things are good here in Marty world. I am running 20-30 miles a week with some harder efforts in there. Had a solid run at the UGTB Grind'n 10 miler at Harris Lake County Park last weekend. This is a great trail if you are ever in the neighborhood. I don't have any pictures from the trail but here is a GPS map with pace and elevation.  OMG so cool are you super duper psyched to look at this?!?

I had a pretty good race and finished 15 or 16 overall.

Afterwards Bri came out with Junior Awesome. She ran the trail 1x while we did some fishing.

Junior caught a pine needle and I caught a big stick. It was a good time.

We also went to see monster trucks. These were lots of fun. Smash boom crash. 

The weekend prior we did the Occoneechee Speedway relay with our buds the Hughstons.  This is a ~22k broken into 20 x 1.1k laps. We took 2nd in the 4 person co-ed division and 5th or 6th overall.  This is a fun one if you like running and team-ish fun.

I am enjoying swimming 2-3 x a week, getting in more strength training than years past, and riding twice. Life is good. I don't care if I'm going to be a lot slower on the bike this season. Blah.

Here are a few pics and a couple videos from Dec 17 2016 to Feb 04 2017. Random order. 



 The Lowery clan

We're just two wild and crazy guys!

Ice skating. Random fun-ness

Junior and Chunior

We still like each other.

Crazy hair! No hair!

This kid is not ours, but we like him.

Snow angel, snow angels, the ones I adore.


A couple pretty pics on a snowday run.

Monster eyeball recipe.

Good work kid.

Adding the veins. Eyeballs need veins.

Who's gonna help me eat all these monster eyeballs?

Science museum. Shark. Get into nature.

Junior Awesomeicasso

 Monkeys jumping on a bed, onto an exercise ball, into a table.

After all this blogging, someone is worn out.

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