Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Playing hooky

Our son has got the right idea.

"I think there should be fifty weekend days, and then only two work-school days!" He has declared more than once. I agree. It would be nice if we could all do wonderful fun things most of the time. That's not the case for most of us. But it is fun to talk about. And occasionally engage in.

Last week, I agreed to extend the weekend a bit. So Junior Awesome and I took a Monday off and went to do fun fun things. It started with a leisurely morning around the house.

Good morning world!

Then we met one of my athletes for a 4 mile run. He doesn't mind the runs, as he gets to play BB racer in the stroller.

After, we hit the nearby greenway for a quick ride to the local park and some fun time.

Strong muscles!

Big gear riding.

Then, we had lunch with Bri. I forgot to take a picture, but here is proof that she was at work that day.

That's a real office.

After work, we headed over to our local pool for another hour of fun.

 Playing squid smash wrestle chase race.

Then it was snack time, and nap time.

After nap time we played Stuck in the Mud and getting eaten by monsters. This is more funner than it sounds.

 I took this one.

Someone with shorter arms took this one.

Time flies by. It is nice to grab a moment here and there and take it with you into tomorrow.

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