Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mad Dog Friday night party

We went to the Mad Dog Friday night dinner party yesterday and got to catch up with some of our buddies. The Mad Dogs to like to have a good time. Met a couple of the pro racers, one fella was from Hungary, so Bri encouraged me to share the one complete sentence of Hungarian I know. My second cousins taught it to me when we were over in 2006. The phrase (phonetically) is : "Ain keebooset Amerikanisch vodyok." Which means, "I'm a f*cking American, damn it." The fella got a good laugh out of it, then had to go stand 'over there.'

We also paid a visit to Shep's, the local beer grocery store with a heart of gold beer. They have an amazing collection of microbrews and world beers. I tried out a new one:
Lagunitas Brewing Company (Petaluma, CA) - Lagunitas IPA. It was OK but in the IPA genre there are plenty of tastier ones. IPA needs to send a kick of hops to the back of your throat. It needs to grab you by the neck and shove a grenade of sensation in your mouth. This one didn't do that.

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