Thursday, April 24, 2008

St Anthonys Triathlon

We're off to St. Petersburg for the St. Anthony's Triathlon on Sunday morning. Bri is racing, while I'll be on the sidelines cheering, jumping, and mumbling incoherently to anyone who listens. It's always a good time down there. We have several athletes racing, and both the pro and amateur elite waves should be a good competitive show. We're going to hit the Mad Dog party on Friday night then have dinner with our athletes on Saturday. I might go for a run or a swim at some point. I may have a couple beers at some point. I would babble a little more here but you see that it's pure nonsense.

Going to ride with the Inside-Out Thursday night group tonight.

Bri wants me to start reviewing all the different beers I try.
Rocky Mountain IPA (Fort Collins, CO): Two tongues up.
Breckenridge Brewery Avalanche: Tasty and refreshing.

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