Sunday, October 26, 2008

Handouts for failed institutions

Here it goes. The Fed is handing out funny money to anyone with a lobbyist in Washington. Detroit automakers that were churning out gas guzzlers with absolutely no visionary strategy. Foreign bank subsidiaries. Failed insurers and banks. Who's next? Starbucks. We need this stalwart on every corner. Medical insurers. They don't collect enough. Hospitals that can't collect from insurance companies but keep servicing illegal immigrants. Local governments. Foreign governments. A cat food company. Some company I incorporated that does something obscure but needs funding. Everyone gets a piece. Who cares? It's not like we need to pay it back. What a total and complete cop out.

Onto another subject. I'm convinced that insiders in the Republican party did their best to torch McCain's chances of actually winning the election. They hooked him up with a relative unknown for his VP candidate. They've probably given him bad advice on a variety of issues, from not accepting public funding to policy issues, all under the guise of being friends and confidantes. Bri mentioned a few days ago that she felt bad for McCain since everything seems to have gone wrong for him. After pointing out his net worth of $30 million +/- and several houses, we decided he's doing OK and can handle losing a presidential election. I don't think John Kerry has been doing much crying about 2004.

Onto fun things. We went to the NC State fair last night. Good times. Lots of crappy food and silly games. I ate a fried cheeseburger, which was absolutely disgusting but yummy. I won Bri a rose.

Going to run (literally) down to the 5k in Raleigh later today, which will get me about 10 miles to the race then another 3.1 during. Might as well. It's nice out and I need the miles.

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