Monday, November 3, 2008

weekend update

We are safely back home here in Cary. It was a good day on Saturday. We watched everyone compete in Ironman Florida. Bri's athletes both did well and my athlete (all first timers) also beat his goal time. Everyone was happy. I opted to sleep in on Saturday morning and skip the swim start, then rock and rolled the rest of the day.

Driving down and back was a bit of a chore, but other than that we had a lot of fun. I listened to Howard Stern, Sirius Patriot or Bloomberg radio for most of my driving shifts. Sirius Patriot is a conservative leaning station with the likes of Mike Church, Andrew Wilcow, and Sean Hannity. They are basically more entertaining than the hippies and stoners that you get on Sirius Left. I occasionally listen to them, but the dialogue tends to be slow moving and the callers are all peaceful and placid, like surfers on valium. Angry conservatives make for better talk radio.

Bloomberg news is just waaay exciting. Korean stock talk. You can't get any better.

We ran 1 hour 45 minutes on Saturday during the race.

I ate a lot of junk food.

The end.

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Cody's Tri Blog said...

Hope you had a good time in FL. We had a blast. Sweet weather, great weekend.

Catch up with you guys at Masters after a few weeks of R&R and a few extra pounds from eating junk food and more beer.