Friday, December 19, 2008

survey results

1. Did you miss the surveys?

47.4% Yes
10.5% what is a survey
31.6% I don't even know how I got here

2. Interests rates may go down to 4.5% for a 30-year fixed mortgage but only for home purchases, not refinancing. If they do, what will you do?

31.6% Buy a new house
21.1% Put some more newspaper in my clothes to keep me warm while I wander the streets
21.1% Shoot a banker
21.1% Refinance, because I don't have good reading comprehension skills

3. I am in danger of losing my job.

47.4% No
47.4% It is scary out here

4. My savings and investments these days are concentrated in:

5.3% Booze and hookers, like Eliot Spitzer, who now writes for Slate Magazine, so he must know something
26.3% I am too young/too poor to have things like investments and asset allocations, ha ha, you said assets
26.3% Stocks/ETFs - they always go up in the long run

5. In 2009, I will (triathlon related):

36.8% Race and travel as much as usual
15.8% Reduce my consumption in order to make my carbon footprint smaller, and smoke dope hippie

6. Next summer my big trip will be:

52.6% Somewhere close but nice with family/friends
36.8% No big trip for us

Have a nice weekend!

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