Friday, November 27, 2009

A Dexter weekend

Bri and I decided to stay local this Thanksgiving and keep it simple. Yesterday we had a nice run in the AM at the Inside Out Turkey Trot then we relaxed, napped, watched several episodes of Dexter, did a bit of coaching work, then headed to our favorite downtown pub, The Flying Saucer.

Dexter is a Showtime series about a psychopath who was taught to control and hide his antisocial ways by his adoptive father growing up. He likes to kill people, but he only kills bad people. Very entertaining, because though you know he is supposed to be a bad guy, he really is a good guy.

Bri had a good run, finishing 4th in the 8k in 32:14. I opted to do the 1 mile fun run, but ran as fast as I could and did a 5:25 or thereabouts.

My new rule with road races is that if there are multiple options I will always take the shortest distance that an adult is allowed to run. My competitors in the mile were mostly kids, but they needed to be owned, so I owned them.

But seriously, I am working on my short speed and the mile all out runs are great. I am sore as heck today.


Tim Gautreau said...

First you beat up on kids at Kung Fu, now you take away some kids chance to win at something.... Dude that is messed up

martygaal said...

Next week I'm enrolling in 4th grade so I can totally get more gold stars than anyone else.

Beth said...

You totally crack me up!! Running the mile... I was laughing about it until I realized at an open water swim race I did this past summer I did the same thing. I swam the mile instead of the 2 mile like all the adults. I swam with kids that all looked to be in elementary school. Sad part is, they all kicked my butt. Bad. ;)
(and did I mention I wore a wetsuit and NONE of them did?)