Monday, November 30, 2009

Fleshing out 2010

Continuing to pick and choose my races and events for next year:

February 6 - Winston Salem Short Course Duathlon
March 21 - Wrightsville Beach half-marathon
April 18 - Triangle Ortho Centennial Sprint Triathlon
April 25 - St Anthonys Olympic Triathlon
May 9 - White Lake Sprint 2
May 22 or 23 - Low Country 2.4 mile swim (Charleston)
May 30 - Over the Mountain Olympic (regional champs)
June 27 - Kure Beach Double Sprint Triathlon
July 11-16 - Erie Canal Bike Tour
July 18 - Ocean City Master's Swim
August ? - Lake Norman Triathlon
September ? - Wilmington YMCA Triathlon or USAT Nationals
season finale:
September & October: Either the Patriot's Half in Virginia or the newly announced Triple T North Carolina


MM said...

If they put the NC version in terrain like the one in OH, omfg. My back still hurts from those hills!

Alicia Parr said...

Not to split hairs, but it looks like OTM is on 5/22 in 2010. What about Stumpy Creek or IOS White Lake International Distance? The Triple T looks cool, but probably won't fit this year for me.

martygaal said...

The NC Triple T will be dead flat, the White Lake area is not known for hilly terrain. It would have been nice if they set it out in the mountainous areas around Lake Logan or Lake Lure, but I guess this was easier for them.

Alicia, I will skip OTM in that case, would rather do the harbor swim, then Kerr Lake on June 6.