Saturday, February 27, 2010

Florida camp update

We have been having a nice time here on Treasure Island. The weather has been on the cool side but all in all very pleasant. This morning we all ran in the Gasparilla 15k (except for Bri who wisely chose the 5k). Afterwards we had a big breakfast at Dave's restaurant and then swam 3,000 to 4,000 at Northshore pool. Tomorrow we have a 50 mile ride and a short run to wrap things up. My camp stats so far:

Tuesday - 40 mile ride, 45 minute (5m) run, swim 3,000
Wednesday - 30 mile ride, swim 3,200, 8 mile cross town run
Thursday - swim 5,000, 40 mile ride, 20 minute run (2.5), swim 2,000
Friday - ride 40, open water swim 40 minutes (2500)
Saturday - run 11 (Gasparilla 15k), swim 4,200

total: run 26.5m, ride 150m, swim 19,500 yards.

I'll post a few pics when I have a bit more free time.


Steve said...

Damn!! making me feel lazy. Training seems to be going good for you though... Cool!!

Angela said...

Tim and I are there next winter...I'm reserving our spot now!