Sunday, February 7, 2010

Florida racing

I am headed down to Fort Myers next weekend to run a Powerstroke clinic and am flying into and out of Tampa. My father in law brought to my attention that on Sunday at Fort Desoto in St Petersburg the Chilly Willy Duathlon is taking place. This is a 5k-10 mile bike-5k. I have just enough time to do the race, ride a bit extra, and then get to the airport, so look for me there. Fort Desoto is a nice place to race.

Two weeks after that I'll be running the Gasparilla 15k along the bay in Tampa, and the weekend after that I am running the Belleair Classic 5k.

I am taking a two week break from the cold here in NC, first a week at our winter training camp, and then a week of visiting friends and family all around the state before my FIL's wedding on March 6.

My tour of Florida (starting March 1) will turn out to be something like Sarasota - Orlando - Ormond Beach - Jacksonville - Orlando - St Pete. If you live in one of these towns and would like to set up a swim lesson, give me a shout through osbmultisport.

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome to stay here for the Belleair 5K since it is just up the road :) Mom