Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4

Yesterday I ran in the 4 mile Great Raleigh Road Race with the TAF racing team (pictured above). This is the crew we do our Tuesday night intervals with - all good runners and fun people. Downtown Raleigh has a lot of small, steep hills and this course hit a bunch of them. I am getting my foot speed back but the hills drive my heart rate to the moon and I don't recover from multiple supra-threshold spikes like I used to (that means if the HR goes over lactate threshold several times in a short period you exhaust your ability to come back to a steady state sub-threshold pace, re: why both competitive runners and cyclists practice for surges and accelerations with over-threshold speed).

Anyway, it was a nice cool morning and I ran 25:22 which is not shabby. Bri had a long week and decided to sleep in.

Today we rode with several friends/athletes up to Chapel Hill and back, then ran a mile with Tassie. I am continually amazed at our fortunate circumstances - we live in a beautiful part of the country and have some really nice places to ride and run.

When we're not out running or riding this weekend we are packing up the house and painting things that need paint - we're going to list the place for sale soon and actually get into another house.

We have a ton of useless crap.

Tomorrow I don't know what we're going to do, besides see the new Twilight movie. I am on Team Alice, she is a hot weirdo.


BriGaal said...

Team Edward, baby! :)

Steve said...

Twilight!! Ha Ha!!

Don't get me started on useless crap at the house. I told my wife I want to throw out 90% of the crap we have. She said we are not on the same page. Crap stays!! :)

Anonymous said...

Why does the one girl have two different shoes on?