Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nuclear Swim and other things

The 2nd annual Nuclear Swim is this Sunday, August 29 at Harris Lake County Park.  One Step Beyond is offering $100 to the first man and woman overall.  Bri and I have enjoyed winning some cash prizes over the years so it is an opportunity for us to give a bit back and offer more incentive to the overall contenders.

We promise the checks won't bounce (which is a misdemeanor in North Carolina, by the way).   Heck, we will probably make it cash due to that.

The race series is going to raise a significant bit of cash for the Triangle Aquatic Center as well, which is where we hold our master swim team practices.  We are happy to do that.

Cross-country coaching is going well, the kids are working hard and our first meet is next Tuesday night.  It will be good to see how they do.

My training for the Patriots Half on September 11 has been going well.  I am not going to be in super shape but will be pretty fit and hope to turn in a good time.

I have been playing around with a "Facebook like" plug in to the blog, but apparently my blog is still an old format so I will need to goof with it for a while. Technology is moving at light speed.

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Steve said...

bouncing checks in North Carolina is a misdemeanor. PHEW!! I'll need to cross that off my list of things to research now.

That was pretty random. :)