Monday, August 30, 2010

Nuclear Swim 2010 in the books

The final swim of the Triangle Open Water Series is in the books, and all went well.  We had a bunch of volunteers and lifeguards out to make sure everyone was safe.  The course went further into the lake so we avoided most of the weeds that hang near the shallow spots of the lake.  217 finishers.

The men's and women's overall finishes were head to head battles and you can see those videos on the series Facebook page

After the swim was all said and done, The Angels (my wife and her friends) and I went for a 50 mile bike ride.  The bike ride was great, it was a nice day, and I felt good.  I  convinced Bri to do a 20 minute run with me through the trails of Harris Lake County Park after.  Please note this trail system is much more extensive than you initially realize.  We wound up running for more than 40 minutes.  Bri kept her cool and did not bash me over the head with a log, though I could see her thinking about it. 

We had a lot of fun with the swim series.  Now we get to focus on two more triathlons - Patriots Half or sprint (for Bri), and USAT Nationals.  I am back into good shape, have shed most of my beer belly, and am looking forward to racing well.  

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