Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor day weekend


We had a nice time in New Smyrna Beach with my family.  We got there in time for me to catch the tail end of the Hurricane swell on Friday, so I got out on the board for a few nice waves before turning my attention to the family.

On Saturday Bri got me out on a 46 mile ride that turned a bit ugly near the end.  I was in the middle of shifting my hand position and drilled a crack in the pavement.  Bounced out of my seat, had no grip, and went splat.  Nice road rash but no broken bones.  Still managed a transition run and then covered up.  Surfed a bit but the swell had died and the wind was blowing off shore.

On Sunday I rode an hour with Bri, then ran about 40 minutes.  Tired.

On Monday we got in an hour + run (Bri did more).  I am tapering a bit for the Patriot Half on Saturday of this weekend.

The drive home was uneventful, just long.  Ten hours in the car wears us out.  Tassie gets bored.  Bri gets bored.  I get bored!  

Good fun with the family though.  Dinner, drinks, poker with the guys, and playing with our nieces.

This will be a quick week, then off to Williamsburg, VA for the weekend.


Steve said...

Cool, glad you got to surf. You guys travel a lot. I hate traveling, but I love being at different places than where I live. Go figure.

Good luck this weekend.

Jerry Cody said...

New Smyrna Beach brings back memories. Delane and I were helping our buddy Rhob get his 36' S2 sailboat down to Key West Race week sailing down the coast when the steering chain broke. Rhob and I took turns steering the boat for about 12 hours down the coast with our feet (Muscle) on an emergency tiller that was about 3 feet long. We entered the narrow channel at New Smyrna Beach in in about small craft advisory conditions. Timing the waves until we got behind the break wall. Very memorable!