Sunday, September 19, 2010

USAT Nationals

Bri and I are competing in USAT Nationals this Saturday.  I have been sticking with some short fast workouts and am looking forward to the race.  Bri is in really good shape, she has been pulling through on the Inside-Out Sports group ride, which is not all that easy.  I have been trailing behind, conducting heart attack mitigation on the same rides.  Nationals is in Tuscaloosa, AL.  It is another long drive but the cost of shipping bikes on a plane is just ridiculous.   I have already decreed within my kingdom that all races next year must be within a four hour radius.

My cross-country kids are doing well - we had 8 or 9 PRs set (out of 35) this past week at either a dual meet or the Wolfpack Invitational, so off to a good start.  I am giving them 3 weeks of higher volume and intensity and then we taper for Conference/Regionals/State.

I am looking forward to taking an extended break from bike training.  I enjoy riding but it is time consuming.  We have a bunch of nice fall/winter trail runs and street races that keep me plenty entertained.  During the fall I'll swim a couple times a week but keep the pace mellow. 

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