Saturday, September 25, 2010

USAT Nationals report

2010 nationals were held in Tuscaloosa, AL.  It was hot and moderately hilly.  I had a good swim, good bike, and then overheated and completely popped on the run.  The same thing happened at St Anthonys Triathlon earlier this year.  I can hold it together for a sprint on a hot day, but there's no hiding in an olympic distance tri.  Splits were 20:30, 1:02, 48:30, or so.   I was 6:35 at the first mile of the 10k run and feeling fine, then got hotter and hotter.  It gets to the point where my HR is way over my lactate threshold, then I can't breathe, then everything shuts down, and I feel like I am dying on my feet. 

I wound up 20th in my AG and 180th male overall.  Them's the breaks.  If I ever do nationals again it will be somewhere guaranteed to be cooler or outright chilly.   It will also just be the sprint.  Or the aqua-aqua.

We are straight into running season so I am fine with all this:
Oct 2 - Community 5k at the Great American XC meet in Cary
Oct 17 - Atlantic City Half Marathon
Thanksgiving - Cary 8k
Dec 11 - Bond Park trail 5k

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runningyankee said...

change your phone number. 'hot weather running' is apparently still in touch...