Saturday, October 2, 2010

What a day

What a day.  I got up at 545 and got to the Wake Med soccer park by 6:15 to set up a tent for my cross country team for the Great American XC festival, and then get ready to run the open 5k at 7:30.  Here is how my day went:

630AM pick a spot and set up tent at race site
700AM warm up
730: run the open 5k with 80 other people
749.32 finish the open 5k
800 start collecting runners and handing out chips, coaching instructions, general chaos management
930 call Bri for emergency breakfast drop-off
1030 accept emergency breakfast drop-off
130pm finish coaching(10 PRs & 7 season bests out of 22)
200 get Bri to meet friends for lunch
430 triathlon clinic led by Bri at Jordan Lake
530 leave Jordan Lake
600 out to dinner with athlete/friends
800 home to work on schedules and other stuff
1030 blog update

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