Friday, October 29, 2010

cross country coaching and Seminole heartbreakers

You may not be able to tell from my gruff exterior, but I am a sentimental guy.  I have had a lot of fun working with the Raleigh Charter high school cross country boys and girls teams.  It is a large time investment but worth it in terms of seeing young athletes improve and learn more about running/athletic training.

Tomorrow is our Regional championship meet in Burgaw (coastal NC), and next week is the State championship meet, provided we make top 4 in the region.  The kids have really put in some solid training over the last few weeks - I had them on a structured program and we're now in full tapering phase for the last 2 races.

Can you tell which one I am?

In other news, the Seminoles lost a close game to NC State last night here in Raleigh.  We fumbled with 1 minute to go and the ball on the NC State 4 yard line.  Ouch.

They all play better than me, but there are instances where I think my grandmother could play better than them.  Anyway, we went to the game courtesy of one of my athletes, a NC State grad, and had a good time.  Here are a couple pics that Bri did not post on her blog:

Sigma Chi pledge brother (1990) Bill Kopelman and I

"Who is that dirty old bald man taking our picture?"

Prime time, baby!

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