Sunday, October 17, 2010

AC half-marathon

I did much better in the AC half marathon then I did at poker at the Taj, that is for sure.  Poker is a combination of skill, practice, and luck, whereas running is pretty much just skill/practice.  I did not really do well with the cards, but my Dad, aka "The professional," made it to the final table in our Saturday daytime tournament and finished 2nd, pulling down a few hundred clams.  He is very good but he also plays a lot and reads books on the game.  I am a simple dilettante.

Sunday morning greeted us runners with clear, cool skies and little wind, which was nice since it can howl up on the shore sometimes.  My goal was to finish strong and feeling good and I managed to make it happen.  3 miles splits were:

20:15 or so (the 12 mile mark was not clear to me)

We hit the boards at mile 8 and I was feeling good, so I started pushing my effort.

I finished with "a big kick" (for me that is slightly faster than whatever I was doing before) final half mile and crossed in 1:32.34, which is the fastest I've run the distance since May, 2007.  So not too shabby and I really enjoyed the run.  Wound up with 15 since I jogged to and from the start.  Legs are now tired.

The end.


Steve said...

Congrats!! :)

Beth said...

Great race Marty!! I'm pretty sure I've never descended my 5Ks like that in a half marathon...not even close! :)