Wednesday, October 20, 2010

French pension & retirement reforms

Someone over in France realized that if everyone sits around drinking coffee, there will be no one left to serve the sugar and cream.

So the French have revolted and are tearing up the country because: "That's not fair.  Everyone deserves to sit around and drink coffee and make disparaging comments about strangers."  

Pension reform
Union strikes
Vacation/work hours in France

Never let logic and rational thought get in the way of a good dust up.


Jerry Cody said...

And if America does not wake up quick, the same stuff is headed our way. We have a society who believes a house, health care, a good paying job and retirement are not something you work for, but a given "right". The progressive idiots who believe this crap are more than willing to take it from all of us who "earn" a living everyday in the name of "fairness".

Steve said...

lol, I love the Cody comment. I hope you realize most of the comments I make are in good fun. I find humor in most things. Better than getting mad.

Don't take offense, cause definitely none intended.

Cody said...

No offense taken Steve, I am definitely not an angry guy. But I will soften my tone just for you and refer to Progressives as very misguided souls. Now we can all laugh out loud.