Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Driving hours & 2011 triathlon plans

I am motivated for the fall/winter running season but already looking ahead for 2011.  Like I wrote in a previous post, there will be nothing more than 4 hour drive. 

We did a quick calculation on how much driving I did this year (strictly for trips) and it worked out to be about 120 hours.  That's three work-weeks of driving.  Way too much. 

Onto next season:
April - NC State Centennial Campus sprint
May - White Lake sprint
May - Battle at Buckhorn Sprint
June - Breezy Point Sprint (VA)
June - Kure Beach Double Sprint
July - Triangle Triathlon
August - Lake Logan olympic
early Sept - maybe a half-IM or another sprint
September - Wilmington YMCA sprint
October - Emerald Isle Sprint

That's 10 triathlons, with a couple extra possibilities to throw in.  I will do 5 NCTS races since I am going to be racing in the masters category next year.  Can you believe it?

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Old Man!!! Love ya Mom H