Tuesday, November 23, 2010

random news

I went to Atlantic City over the weekend to spend time with my father and brother-in-law.  Both enjoy gambling - bro in law likes roulette while my Dad likes poker.  He played in a $120 tournament on Saturday and finishes 6th, while I played at a 1-2 no limit table and lost under $100 over the weekend.  Just not hitting the cards on the flop this time. Bro in law went up and down a lot but finished down by a bit.  None of us lost big and never will as we don't have issues with that.

Had a great dinner at Angelo's on Saturday night.  Very neat place with great food and a lot of charm.

I also managed to get a 11 mile run on the boardwalk on Saturday and a 6 mile run on Sunday, and went fishing with some old friends of mine on Sunday morning.   I like the Jersey Shore and have a good time there.  They don't have the same sort of park/tree coverage we have here in North Carolina but it can be a nice place if you know where to go.

This week we are staying around town.  I'm running an 8k on Thursday morning and then we'll cook, eat, and watch football the rest of the weekend. 


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