Tuesday, January 4, 2011

World travels

This morning Bri reminded me that exactly five years ago, we jumped on a big jet plane and started our Trippin06 World Tour - The Year of Living Strangerously.   We had a great time, many fine adventures, met new people in exotic lands (didn't have to kill them), and just generally lived it up.  You can read about it here.

We hope to do it again sometime.  In the meantime, we'll settle for a bike tour or something similar every summer.  Maybe just not quite this scenic.

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Steve said...

I read most of your write up, skimmed some parts. It is long. :) Cool trip. Interesting about your Dad, and nightmares and stuff. Uncle too?? I already forget.

Poor guy. He had no power to do anything about that.

You are funny, but life is like your trip, you were in Germany, Oktoberfest. fun beer, etc... but you saw the sad stuff. Stuff about your Dad, and yeah the bad stuff that can happen in the world.

I know you know that, but life is bad and good. We hope for all good days, but realize there will be bad ones.

I really feel bad for your dad, that is hard stuff. He still doesn't talk about it either huh?

My Uncle I think has buried stuff too. He kind of in his own way opened up to me last time I saw him.

Oh well cool trip. I hope you two can take one again if it is in the cards, or just have fun on the ones you take.

Sorry to blog on your blog. :)