Friday, June 10, 2011

3rd annual Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge 1 mile swim

Another week in the books.  It has become pizza oven hot around here.   I would write more about it being hot but most of you know what that's like.  In trigeek training news my highlights for the week include:

6 x 800s at a hot Tuesday track workout at under 2:55 average, I haven't been able to do this in 3-4 years

9 x 200 meter swim set on 2:50, 2:45, 2:40 sendoff with the gang at Wednesday Masters

5 x 6 minute Thursday evening bike threshold intervals with one of my athletes

Sunday will cap off the week with the Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge 1 mile swim and then a 2-2.5 hour bike ride with friends, athletes, training partners.  Good times!

So my summer racing plans are really slim this year.  A few weekends are pre-booked with clinics or travel.  It looks like when all is said and done I will compete in:

Kure Beach Double Sprint June 26

Triangle Triathlon July 10
Nothing in August

Wilmington YMCA Tri September 17

Lake Royale Sprint October 1
B2B Half October 29

I already did four so that makes nine races total, which is more than enough unless you just can't get enough or are pursuing a series title of some sort.

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Steve said...

Congrats on the baby, and congrats on the improved running.

This year I will be doing more tris, but I am in the competition for an overall series crown. Hey when you're good you're good.

A couple years you may catch up with me. :) Ha ha Ha. j/k.

Have a good weekend. :)