Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kure Beach 2011

We had another fun weekend of racing and training at Kure Beach.  The sprint triathlon is a funny format 375m swim - 1.5m run - 12 mile bike - 1.5m run - 375m swim. I really enjoy the race although am always in a great deal of discomfort during the race itself. 

The day before Bri and I put on an open water clinic and that was well received.  We get to teach people to dive through the waves and body surf, which is hellacool.

After the clinic I ran into Wilmington to invest in a new stand up paddleboard (SUP).  This is money well spent as we will use this for additional water patrol/safety during our swims and aquathons.  But it will also be fun.

During the race I felt good went hard and ran pretty fast on both splits. 5th overall and 1st Masters.  Here are a couple pictures.

I false started a bit

This cop was making fun of my haircut

Combined age = 130

Hard to believe I am in the old guy race now, but I still feel good!  The recovery after a hard race like this does take longer than 10 years ago, that is for sure.

Next up is the Old School Aquathon #2 at Vista Point, check it out.  The race is a 300 meter swim then 1 mile run, done 3 times.

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