Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life is good

Busy week, but things are good.  The first ever first annual Old School Aquathon went well, it was dog days of summer hot as we had a heat wave move through here, but everyone dealt with it.  Next up is July 6 at Vista Point Jordan Lake.

We were going to go to Virginia Beach area this weekend to catch up with my in-laws and nieces as well as race in the Breezy Point Triathlon up there, but I got a bit bogged down with everything so we are sticking around town (have stuck / are to stick around town).  I had been top five overall the last three years but you can't do everything!

Next weekend is the Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge + several athletes I coach are racing the Eagleman 70.3 triathlon.  Eagleman is sort of a must do event, having been around forever.  I had my best run-off-the-bike there in 2007. 

This morning we hosted our 2nd open water clinic of the year.  These are low key and pretty fun for me as an instructor, I basically get to show people how to conduct organized play in the lake or ocean.

Here is a random picture of the lake:

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