Tuesday, October 16, 2012

stroll down memory lane

Bri, Junior Awesome and I took a trip to Tallahassee via Pensacola over the weekend.  It was a good time catching up with family in Pcola and friends in Tally.  The FSU swimming and diving team put on an alumni meet and reception for us and then we caught the Noles playing against Boston College.  We got out on the field for recognition in the 2nd quarter.  Pictures below.

 Inside the athletic offices at Doak Campbell stadium

 Alumni workout on Saturday morning (we swam 2,000)

 Various alumni and significant others tailgating

 Your narrator and his better half doing the Tomahawk chop


 Perfect landing

 Bri and Bron on field

 Maclay Gardens State Park hike 

 Visiting the beach on Perdido Key, outside Pensacola

 Junior gets checked out at airport security

 John, Marty, Chris at the Varsity club

 Look Ma, I'm somebody!

View from the good seats


Steve said...

FSU actually has a pretty good team this year. Too bad they lost that dumb one to NC st.

Mom said...

You've always been somebody to me!